As a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland, I had no vision of my future or my career. I completed high school, with no grades, without a single thought of what may become of me one day. As luck would have it, I was offered a job in a creative field. Starting at the very bottom, I persevered, and 6 years later I became the graphic designer for a sister company. I’d found art. Or art found me?

For my 16th birthday I was unexpectedly handed a 35mm camera which clearly triggered a passion within me that I did not know existed. In October 2000, with no room to grow within the company, and during an all time unemployment low, an opportunity arose for me to uproot and test the waters across the Atlantic. Hello Ontario, Canada! Milton to be precise.

Amidst the next several years of hospitality service, and of uncertain fate in my new found home, my passion for the photographic arts began to slowly and accidentally yield a small income, and after many more years of unsuccessful employment ventures I finally made the decision to take the proverbial bull by the horns and adopt photographic portraiture as my specialty, and to attempt to exploit this deep passion within me. After some very valuable business experiences, and with the help of some key people who have helped me learn how to conduct myself and run a small business, I feel I have arrived at my destination.

Now here I am, owner of my own little creative business. I have personally photographed over 450 weddings. I am Mike Streeter, a friendly, social and sensitive soul who loves to laugh and wishes no end to my list of compatible acquaintances. I am a rock inspired, immature father of 3. I am a beer enthusiast and Optimus Prime is my role model.

“Life is ours, we live it our way”

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